Why Should I Work With A Coach?

We’re glad you asked! Below are 14 possible reasons why people work with a coach. Do you recognize yourself in one of these reasons?

  1. Coaches know how to help you get what you want.
  2. Coaches know how to help manage and prevent setbacks.
  3. You have decision fatigue.
  4. You need accountability.
  5. You have trouble following through with goals.
  6. Limiting beliefs have been holding you back.
  7. Anxiety and stress are recurring themes.
  8. You are unable to define a clear vision.
  9. Your finances, health, relationships, career or business is in complete disarray.
  10. The passion you once had for life is gone.
  11. You get easily distracted by time wasters.
  12. Your friends and family aren’t supporting your dreams.
  13. You’re completely lost and feel like all hope is gone.
  14. You simply do not know where to begin.


If any of the above sound familiar to you, maybe it’s time you thought about hiring a coach. We can help.

Find out more about the coaching process and how a coach can help you get off of the fence and actually accomplish those goals you’ve been carrying around for years! No matter your career level or station in life, together we can develop a successful coaching plan for you so you can begin to MOVE FORWARD!

Give us a call at 301-670-0051 or send an email to to schedule a 15 minute interest call.

And for more information on coaching, check out our articles below:

  • Leadership Coaching: We’ve all had at least one job where it felt like leadership was lacking. You probably remember what it was like – a lack of communication, no clear expectations or defining of roles and difficulty handling conflict.
  • Leadership Coaching #2: Football legend Vince Lombardi said that, “leaders are made, not born.” When it comes to effective leadership, we can all use a strategy that helps us hone our skills and bring out the best in our team. But figuring out how to do that can be a challenge and can feel overwhelming when you already have a lot of other responsibilities on your plate.
  • Coaching For High Level Admin Staff: If you’re an executive assistant, does it feel like you make the impossible happen every single day? It’s a job that requires a lot of knowledge and flexibility, along with the ability to deal with all types of personalities.
  • Coaching For Any Level: Wherever you stand in your job right now (entry level to executive), chances are you’re wondering what the future holds in the next year or five years and beyond. Do you feel like you’ve reached your full potential or do you feel like there’s something better for you out there?
  • Life Coaching For Single Women: If you’re a single woman, it can sometimes feel like you’re part of a forgotten group. And if you’re a single woman of a certain age, it can feel like that times a thousand. Gone are the days where single women feel like they need to get married in order to feel fulfilled.
  • Coaching To Expand Thinking: When most of us face a challenge, our typical response is to fall back on the old ‘tried and true’ way of doing things. This is usually what we’ve learned has worked for us in the past. However, Oliver Wendell Holmes may have put it best when he said, “Man’s mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions.”
  • Coaching For Self Reliance: What is your first memory of feeling truly self-reliant? Maybe it was the day you received your driver’s license and the possibilities that came with the feeling of independence. Perhaps it was when you became financially independent from your parents and started paying your own bills. Whatever the example that comes to mind, self-reliance is trusting your abilities to get through the challenges of life on the back of your own resourcefulness.
  • Coaching For Personal Accomplishment: When we think about our life accomplishments, we often reflect on what we’ve achieved career-wise. We received the promotion and big raise, moved to the corner office or changed companies to move forward in our careers. But what about our personal accomplishments?
  • Why Everyone Needs a Coach. What exactly does a life coach do and how can one help you with your own unique set of challenges? A life coach is someone who counsels clients on anything from career obstacles to personal struggles.
  • Coaching For Mid-Level Managers. For mid-level managers, the juggling act of being both the boss and employee can lead to stress and burnout. Working with a coach can assist in so many ways.




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