Trained and certified LMJA coaches can provide assistance to take your career to the next level. Our coaches can help improve leadership skills, technical capabilities, tackle challenges and help you get that next promotion! We partner with you in an encouraging environment where comfort is critical to a successful and rewarding experience.


Our coaches are certified by the International Coaching Federation. And in addition to our certifications, we have over 2 decades of experience training people in both the federal work force and private industry. This training experience has enhanced our coaching skills. The benefit to our clients is a better evaluation of needs through a reliable and relevant assessment – which is key to establishing a solid foundation for coaching.

Benefits of Coaching

LMJA coaching empowers our clients to become more confident. They believe in themselves. As a result, coaching leads to increased career opportunities. The confidence exhibited by our clients empowers them to accept more responsibility – while at the same time producing accountability for actions. Our clients work more productively and become greater contributors to organizations.

Program Options

Depending on your present position, we provide coaching directed to your needs. Whether you are an entry-level employee in various fields, a mid-level federal employee, or someone working in either a top-level or executive position, LMJA coaching provides a development plan designed to stretch your capabilities and comfort level.

Return On Investment

What can you expect as a result of coaching? The Harvard Institute of Coaching indicates that 80% of people who receive coaching increased their self-confidence. They also report that 70% benefit from improved work performance. And maybe even more telling, 86% of companies reported that they recouped their investment in coaching.

What To Expect

No matter your experience or career level, clients can rely on confidential sessions that are focused and tailored to your needs. You can expect reliable assessment tools – designed to maximize self-awareness. Our coaches provide candid and honest feedback. And each client participates in a developmental plan to maximize their potential. Each session is 45 minutes in duration, though that time can be tailored as per your needs. There are 10 sessions to each coaching program. Download our Quick Reference Card below for more information.

What Assessment Tools Does LMJA Use?

As mentioned above, our coaching is tailored to the needs of each individual. We use a number of tools to assess each client. These tools provide context and insight for the coach and the client. These tools help us design the program that will be most beneficial to you. A complete list of the tools we use are listed in the Quick Reference Card.

Quick Reference Card to Coaching

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Our clients say it best

The best references come from the people we’ve helped throughout the years. Here are some of their comments.

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What’s stopping you?

Find out more about the coaching process and how a coach can help push you out of being ‘stuck’ into actually accomplishing those goals you’ve been carrying around for years! No matter your career level – even if you are retired – together we can develop a successful coaching plan so you can begin to MOVE FORWARD and realize those dreams!

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