Burnout For Individuals

We all have days when we feel overwhelmed, unappreciated or helpless. Sometimes just getting out of bed and facing the workday can feel like an impossible task. However, if you feel like this most of the time, you might be dealing with more than you think. You could be suffering from burnout, a gradual process with subtle signs and symptoms that worsen over time.

We hear the term “burnout” all the time, but most of us think it’s just another name for stress and all of the challenges that come with it. But there is a distinct difference. Stress is having too much on your plate (too many responsibilities, work to handle, etc.), but burnout is the opposite. With burnout, you may feel like you don’t have enough, as in not enough energy or not enough motivation. It feels like you’ve run out of gas and completing even small tasks can seem like an impossible feat. Burnout has become a chronic issue in the workplace, so much so that in 2019, the World Health Organization classified it as an “occupational phenomenon.” And this was before the pandemic.

When we’re going through the day-to-day of life, often we don’t feel like we have time to step back and assess our overall mental health. We just keep pushing through to get it all done. But burnout is sneaky. What starts as a few “bad days” or weeks can result in something far more serious. Burnout can affect every aspect of a person’s life from emotional to physical and behavioral. Below, we’ve broken down the signs and symptoms of each:

Emotional Symptoms

  • Feeling hopeless and trapped
  • Experiencing loss of motivation
  • Having an increasingly cynical and negative outlook
  • Feeling like a failure and experiencing self-doubt and lack of accomplishment

Physical Symptoms

  • Feeling drained and tired the majority of the time
  • Experiencing frequent headaches and muscle aches
  • Dealing with changes in appetite and sleep habits

Behavioral Symptoms

  • Taking frustrations out on others
  • Withdrawing from responsibilities and isolating from other people
  • Using food, drugs or alcohol to cope
  • Continually procrastinating or taking longer than usual to get things done

Burnout not only leads to issues in the workplace, but spills over into every area of life, including home and social life. But when you’re in the midst of burnout, taking the first step towards a solution can feel almost impossible. That’s where working with a coach, like Leah M Joppy and Associates, can be a vital source of healing. We get to know you and the root causes of what’s leading to burnout. We can then help you build habits that lead to improved sleep and relaxation, help you find your motivation again and build that essential work/life balance that’s missing in so many of our lives.

Don’t put yourself on the backburner and let burnout sneak up and take control of your life. Contact Leah M Joppy and Associates at 301-670-0051 or email to learn how we can help.

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